From way back when, I have always had a need to make others smile. Whether it’s someone in my family or a complete stranger, I found it to be something I was good at. Although troubling at first, I realised this was a gift I needed to embrace, so I did. This leads us to the purpose of this entire document. Strap in and get ready.

“I want to do good, I want to my life to mean something. I want to start a legacy. A legacy that will continue to do good after I have gone. For the planet, for humanity. I have found my destiny.”
Saj Rahman


You could say I’ve travelled a lot. From crossing the Saini and Sahara deserts, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, to road-tripping from UK to Gambia on a charity rally. My next challenge, you ask? Mongolia. I have attained a degree in Product Design, and have also built (featuring: blood, sweat and tears) a 5-star rated, exclusive apartment on Airbnb. Fun fact, I’m also a private pilot. All of my successes have been inspired by my idols, one of whom is the man, the legend, Sir Richard Branson. The dream is to fly to the edge of space, (but for now I’m keeping it smaller scale) and intending to fly myself around the world.

I live for construction. It’s what I know, it’s what I breathe. Having worked my way up throughout the years, you learn a couple of things. In short: what works, what doesn’t, what to do, and avoid. There is great potential to reduce negative impact of construction on the world’s resources. And yet? We are not doing enough to ensure this happens. My slight tangential rant was the inspiration behind Maple People. We want to make lives better through clever, innovative construction.

The master plan for Maple People is like-minded individuals coming together with a shared vision: to offer expertise, passion, exceptional customer service, and innovation – not forgetting a selfless touch. We also intend on discovering new methods to support the less fortunate, without passing the cost on to any clients.

What would be a single core value to Maple People, you wildly ponder? People.

The well-being of people is a value I hold very close to my heart. Our ultimate goal is to improve lives whilst building a better world. I feel great responsibility to ensure: sustainable procurement, supporting overseas manufacturing, and giving back profits to address the world’s lack of fresh, clean, sanitary drinking water – is happening.

I believe in goals. I believe in people. If we keep these aims close to our hearts, Maple People will be the beginning to new ways of constructing spaces AND achieve neutral balance between creating spaces and retaining positive impact on the earth’s resources.

Sure, it’s a long way to go. But with passion, desire, and commitment, it’s simply a matter of beginning. It’ll be a fun journey, we hope to see you there.

Saj Rahman, CEO

From my very first day as an entrepreneur, I’ve felt the only mission worth pursuing in business is to
make people’s lives better.
Richard Branson