Innovation in construction

Traditional construction methods aren’t cutting it any more. Our customers want more efficient and eco-friendly builds – and the cost-saving benefits these offer. We invest our profits back into innovative research and development projects to ensure we can deliver futuristic shell and core building projects that create a brighter future for the whole planet.

Commercial interior design and builds currently use predominantly traditional construction methods and materials. These methods are concerned with delivering projects on time, within budget, and to spec, which is all that many customers are looking for.

But times are changing, and new – better – methods are available that can deliver all that and even more. At Maple People, we are focussed on smart building, with one eye on delivering brilliant projects on time, and one on using and developing new innovations in order to cut construction and maintenance costs, all while saving the planet from the impending climate crisis.

This isn’t a case of having to choose between the customer’s objectives and the environment – with a dash of ingenuity, we really can have it all.

Benefits of innovation in construction

By using new methods and materials, we deliver sustainable office fit-outs that give us – and our customers – a distinct competitive advantage. Clients benefit from the savings made by using fewer and better materials. Smart office design leads to lower energy consumption and reduces running cost, resulting in sustainable projects. To add to the benefits, enhanced wellbeing is a byproduct of thoughtful design. And finally, the spaces we design and build are exciting and future-proof, as we care about the long-term impact of everything we do.

Our latest futuristic office design

We are currently working on an exciting Cat-A space design and development project where we are applying an ‘energy first’ instead of ‘fashion first’ approach. While the space will be built with the users in mind, and therefore needs to look fabulous, we’re employing some innovation to ensure it is a smart building first and eye candy second.

So how do we do that? First, we look at using as much natural light as possible, to reduce unnecessary energy costs. We are incorporating open spaces in a way that reduces the need for mechanical ventilation and air conditioning. By examining the existing design and working with the current installations, we can create a new version of the space using fewer materials than if we took it all apart to start from scratch.

We also look at the existing installations and fixtures and get to work designing our new space around it, rather than ripping it out and starting again. As a result, the outcome can be surprisingly beautiful, with stories behind them reflecting the history of the space, another surprising byproduct of thoughtful design.

Inspiration: the ultimate smart building

Every great designer relies on inspiration to help them formulate world-changing ideas. At Maple People, we are awe-struck by The Edge, in The Netherlands. Also described as ‘the world’s greenest building’, this is a cutting-edge example of innovation in construction and sustainable design. With a sustainability score of 98.4% and a handy app that ensures everyone within the building is comfortable, without wasting any energy at all, it’s a revolutionary piece of design and construction.

The Edge gathers a huge amount of data, which can be used to make smart decisions – such as closing sections of the building on quieter days to reduce running costs and energy consumption. From the underground parking and the robotic cleaners, to the coffee machines, everything is ‘smart’. The underlying belief of the designers is that one day, buildings like these will be everywhere. But we’re still a long way from that reality.

The future of smart buildings

At Maple People, we are proud to be ahead of the game when it comes to sustainable office fit-outs. The industry is slowly moving towards a more sustainable future, but we are trailblazing a path by carrying out our own research and development. We are all-too familiar with the challenges in this space, and are actively gathering resources and expert teams to ensure that considerate design becomes the norm instead of a rarity.

We see pockets of innovation occurring in the industry, but the majority of commercial interior design is solely focussed on aesthetics, without a thought to sustainability. We combine both of these things, which is surely a win-win for the client, the end-users of the space, and society as a whole.

Saj Rahman, Founder and CEO of Maple People