Maple People is founded on an understanding of global interdependence. People and our actions are all interconnected. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be transformed from one form to another; we will transform the construction industry’s reliance on wasteful practices and persistent materials (such as plastic) into a long-termist approach that benefits all. By providing practical tools and educating, Maple People will help people reduce the impact of their actions, so that we leave the world a little better than we found it.

“Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.”
Anna Lappé – Author & Educator

People come first

We believe the power to make a difference is not just with governments and corporates, but individuals and their daily actions.

We work with forward-thinking clients who want to provide the very best for their end users and for the planet. We exceed the expectations of each client that takes a chance on sustainability, giving them that satisfying feeling you get from knowing you have made the world a better place.

In our industry, that might sound like it would be expensive; we don’t agree. our innovative new approach and tenacity when it comes to creating value means our spaces cost less and perform better.

We’re dedicated to the people who work for us, too. We aim to provide industry-leading working conditions (well above regulatory standards), training and remuneration, with the opportunity to travel to meet our suppliers around the world. We know we will reap the benefits of having a diverse, happy and secure team on our side.

Exceptional professionalism

We are reviving the dying art of customer service by, first of all by simply listening to our customers. Only then can we deliver above and beyond regulations and expectations. We know that trust isn’t bought, but earned. We understand our professional duty to offer our customers and their end users the gift of education about their actions and consequences (and the resulting carbon emissions), and to provide the tools that can help them to make a difference each day.
We will reach out to our supply chain and track its impact on the planet and local communities. We will educate and support change locally to ensure long-term stability and create opportunities for individual growth.

We need and value accountability: we use ISOs, public review tools and our in-house software to measure our governance, helping us to stay on the right path and giving our network the opportunity to see how things are done at Maple People.
We will be accountable for every nail we use!

Innovative at our core

Not every problem has a solution, but by listening to our customers we have created new ways to solve problems in the construction world. We will invest part of our profits into research & development and drive innovative solutions for mass-market application.

New methods, new materials, new ideas; we know that all the good stuff happens on the cutting edge, so that’s precisely where we choose to work. We are inspired by the most compelling designer that has ever existed: Mother Nature.

We will use data, develop tools and test our solutions to problems like material waste and pollution, before applying our resilience to break through the construction industry’s resistance to change.

Our secret is the currency we count: not cash, which comes second, but Carbon. This allows us to design solutions and then create savings to meet costs. From supply through to waste; with one eye on the approaching regulations, we will be in a position to share this tool with the rest of the industry when it follows suit.
We understand we must lead by example, and we will!

Sustainably minded

The use of commercial buildings generates 40% of the UK’s carbon emissions. We have our work cut out for us, but we have already risen to the challenge by looking far beyond our profits to identify the quick wins and the difficult challenges. Through our choice of materials, processes and the impact on our supply chain we aim to slow climate change, move rapidly to renewable energy, increase recycling and upcycling and really design and build demountable spaces.

We create offices and spaces that are healthier for the people who work there, more cost-effective for our customers and beneficial to the environment. By slowing down climate change, we can reduce the harm to the oceans and other habitats, increase biodiversity and secure the future for generations to come. And for those alive today, we will donate a portion of our profits (and do whatever else we need to do) to touch one million people’s lives within our lifetime.

It might not sound sexy, but by removing the need for traditionally wasteful systems like air conditioning, and creating closed-loop systems that maintain themselves instead of taking and taking from the environment, we can – and we will – change the world.

Long-termist approach

The world has been developing rapidly over the decades, with little thought on the long-term impact. But now, armed with evidence of the impact of our actions, it is time to reverse our effect and plant the seeds for tomorrow.

Maple People’s thought process extends far beyond our supply chain; we will actively work towards the replantation of trees and create jobs in local communities to nurture education and contribute to the economy. By teaching good and safe work practices, we can educate local people to take better care of their environment; by providing better tools, we remove the need for people to use the old, harmful approaches.

Through our designs and software we will encourage eating less meat, a great source of methane, which is 20 times more harmful than carbon; we will steer away from materials and processes that pollute our rivers and oceans. We will purposefully rate and use materials that cause least damage and are reusable.

Automation is fantastic for profits, however we understand poverty and crime could be eased by creating jobs. It is our vision, once we have given clean water and sanitary facilities to 1 million people, to then create jobs for them.
$1 spent on giving back creates $11 for the economy; we love this.