If you share our vision for better-functioning spaces, more sustainable construction industry, please join us. If you can’t see the right opportunity to do so now, reach out so we know who to call on when the time comes. As a colleague, a landlord, a customer, a supplier or a supporter – we can only achieve our goal if we work together as one.

We need brilliant, motivated, like-minded people to join us in our mission.

We all know that the right opportunity doesn’t always come about at the right time, so please register your interest with us; if we haven’t got anything to tempt you right now, we will know who to call the moment we do.

If you are a customer or building agent, please get in touch and let us know what your goals are, we’d love to help you achieve this in an exciting and innovative way.

    Job Opportunities


    Are you a leader with a passion for sustainable construction?


    Build a better future from the ground up, with Maple People.

    Investors   Live

    Are you looking for the next unicorn investment opportunity?


    We’re always extending our network of like-minded professionals.

    Executive Assistant  Live

    Build a better future from the ground up, with Maple People.

    Research & Development

    Channel your skills into a R&D project that could change the world.

    People & Brand

    Nurture and develop our top assets: our people and our brand.

    Landlords & Agents

    We work with you to design and build a space that generates revenue, retains tenants and does so with budget-pleasing efficiency. The future is uncertain and carbon-emission regulations are approaching fast, so it’s vital to think ahead, spend wisely and secure your future. We can help you do that – starting with your corporate social responsibilities.

      Looking for a space?

      Are you looking for design-and-build services to help you create a space that exceeds current offerings? Regain control: of your office temperature, of your carbon offsetting and of your obligation to provide a COVID-safe environment. We know about buildings and you know what you need. Together, we can create something that exceeds your wildest expectations.

        Our partners

        We cherry-pick the partners with whom we can have a mutually beneficial relationship.
        Our doors are always open to new partnerships that will help us change construction for the better.