Suppliers & Partners

The power of positive change lies in every nut and bolt of construction; do you want your service to make a difference?

We are growing our network of do-gooders. From illustrators to plumbers, as long as you care about sustainability and giving back in construction, register your interests to work with us today.

Suppliers, manufacturers, professional agents, researchers, plasterers, Excel gurus; pretty much any role involved in the design, construction and aftercare of spaces.


What we are looking for

There are suppliers and then there are our suppliers. The high-quality ‘Maple’ touch comes from our choice of sustainably-minded suppliers. We are on the lookout for do-gooders who take pride in their service or product and have active measures in place to reduce their impact on the planet, offer alternative solutions and take responsibility for their actions. Whether it is through ISOs, sustainability pledges or simply using products that are less harmful to the planet – we want to work with you.



All we need is 1) an introduction to your company, product or service; 2) a summary of your sustainability credentials 3) an understanding of how you think your customer service is exceptional; 4) an explanation of why you want to make the world of construction a better place. 


What we offer

We will offer a lifelong partnership, communicating, supporting one another and working together to take the construction industry by storm; the only way to make a significant difference to the planet. 

We offer exceptional projects, opportunities to travel the world to work with our supply chain and take part in charity work and, most importantly, the chance to be part of a movement; you will be part of this legacy. We will feature your business as our Maple-approved supplier to further your business.

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