Eden Stanley, Shoreditch

Thanks to a willing customer, this design & build project consist of 39% recycled and upcycled materials and furniture. Proof that beautiful interiors can be created sustainably and with less cost, win, win.


We designed and built a fresh space that represents and their vibrant, happy teams and brings them together, as well as provides enhanced air quality throughout.

International Telecommunications Company

We created a high-tech, creative workspace to inspire and empower their creative team. Enhanced air quality and a visually calm look perfectly combine form and function.

Suna House, Shoreditch

Working within a complex live-work and listed property, our team modernised the space whilst maintaining a vibrant Shoreditch story.

Clean Prose

We built a modern and cosy workspace for creative writers. Each floor has its own unique function, with a quiet, high-end space that nurtures creativity.


We created a calm, high-quality space that inspires their team to be creative, without any distracting clutter, so they could focus on their furniture consultancy and the wellbeing of their users.

Cover Genius

We designed and built a vibrant social environment, with creative walls and cosy furniture to bring the various departments together in a space they love to work.