Introducing: the future of workspace technology


Generic systems (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting) give generic results, while the construction process remains heavy on materials and waste. Why pollute the world for an environment that doesn’t quite suit the people using it?


Our innovative Smart Ceiling offers unparalleled environmental control, covering seven trade packages into one, with a smart plug-and-play installation that finally presents a practical leap towards modular off-site construction.


It’s ~30%* cheaper and quicker to install than traditional methods, and loaded with sensors and machine-learning technology that learns user behaviours and offers deep insight into health, carbon use and one swipe offsetting. *Based on a typical Cat B fit-out with eight Smart Ceilings.

Smart Ceiling features

Air conditioning

Pathogen-removing air filtration

Circadian lighting system

Discrete wireless conferencing

Acoustically rated

Customisable functions

User filter changing

Voice control

Live support

Carbon counting and offsetting

Environmental health data reports

App controlled

Personal health data reports

Find your dream workspace

We can help identify the perfect place, using our Maple partners

Design and build your space

We will do it faster, cheaper and just as beautifully; exceeding your expectations

Use the app to set up your Smart Ceiling

Create your perfect environment. Remember to offset your carbon as you go!

Our design approach

Life would be simpler if you could just open a window… right?

That’s how we approached our design. We’ve created a device that breathes in and out from its immediate environment, reducing those pockets of hot, stale air in traditionally fitted-out spaces, and reduced the need for materials and energy by up to 30%. It also gives our business owners the flexibility to reconfigure their space with ease without the heavy cost or disruption.

Machine learning

Data gathered by the IoT network feeds into our unique software (patent pending), allowing the Smart Ceiling to learn behavioural patterns and provide exceptional control over the environment. It also presents data about the health of the space and the user which can be tailored for further use, app alerts set up and much more.

The App

Launching the app opens an interface that mimics the wall control that operates the Smart Ceiling, giving a pleasant and user-friendly experience to those wanting to quickly control the device’s settings. The one-swipe carbon offsetting feature makes it effortless to make the world a better place, too.

Installing the Smart Ceiling

The versatile Smart Ceiling can be put to work in almost any space with existing heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. A little adjustment of vents, grills and lighting is all it takes to get the space ready for the Smart Ceiling to be connected; no hard construction, which less waste, which means less time and money spent.